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Your Google Firm Profile (GBP) listing is essential, regardless matter how big or little your business is in the B2C market.

Google states, “companies that either have a physical presence that customers can visit or that travel to customers’ locations can only create listings on Business Profile.”

This implies that most companies can (and most likely should have) a GBP listing. A Google Business Profile listing is a no-cost tool that can guide more customers to a company’s website and physical location. The kind or size of the business can cause the phone to ring more frequently.

Post Weekly 1-2 Posts

Google will preserve post types with no designated range of dates that are longer than a week old. As a result, frequently posting on and setting up Google My Business with digital marketing expert Brandon Lederer Arizona is a great practice to maintain brand consistency and reassure clients that they are viewing the most recent information.

Use Pictures or Videos

Using videos or photos in your post is a no-brainer no matter what kind of content you want to provide because customers retain 95% of communication when it is in a media format.

It’s difficult to produce high-quality images and videos for every article, especially if you own a small to medium-sized firm.

Include Kw in Posts

Include search-friendly keywords in your brief post to make it more relevant to readers. Put oneself in the customer’s position and think about what phrases and terms will best capture their attention if you’re unsure what to write.

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Use Relevant CTA Buttons

You can add a relevant call-to-action button to optimize Google My Business profile based on your chosen post or page. Even though you can’t (yet) make your own CTA buttons, Google still gives you a good selection of alternatives. To determine which CTA button will most successfully persuade visitors to do the required action, try A/B testing.

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Emojis can Improve the Experience

Emojis may be used in posts on Google Business Profiles. Emojis will improve your material’s readability and appeal, increasing the click-through rate for excerpts within listings.

If utilized effectively, checkmarks, in particular, can enhance the reading experience. Nevertheless, you must maintain your professionalism and avoid using them in a corny manner. Keep in mind that engagement is key.

Choose the Right Time

Timing has already been mentioned, but it merits one last mention. Each audience exhibits distinct traits and behaviors.

Consider zone differences (don’t post during “rush hour”) and daily habits when choosing the optimal time for your GBP post.


Engagement is the key to publishing on Google Business Profile, in general. Even digital contacts between your company and prospective clients are essential.

The most basic types of participation are likes, shares, and comments. There is much more to engaging, entertaining posts than just those basic measures.

Your responsibility as a business owner is to look above the facts and persona to clarify who your consumers are.

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